St Francis Anglican Church
Following Jesus, Glorifying God, and Spreading His Kingdom

What We Believe


We believe it is essential for all followers of Jesus to be a part of a Christian community (Heb.10:25), because there is no such thing as "go it alone" Christianity (1Cor.12:14-19; Rom.12:4-5). Thus we are a group of Christians committed to one another and dedicated to worshipping God through Word, Sacrament, and service.

Since 1991, we have held this commitment to both God and one another by

  • helping each another remain rooted in prayer and worship,

  • meeting together regularly so that everyone can be nourished by God's Word and Sacrament,

  • and encouraging each other to be matured by the Holy Spirit in order to bear fruit of love and good works.

We are a Church: