St Francis Anglican Church
Following Jesus, Glorifying God, and Spreading His Kingdom

What is Anglican?

Many people ask us, “What is Anglican?” and the answer to this question is that we are the part of Christ’s church which sits directly in between the Roman and Protestant traditions. In a sense, we are the middle way. This means that at St. Francis, you will find a community of believers who take very seriously both the Word of God, as Protestants do, as well as God’s holy Sacraments, as Roman Catholics do. We find that by having both we are better enabled to live out the fullness of the Biblical Faith.

       We emphasize the need for everyone to read the Bible, to discover Jesus as He is presented there, and to experience the conversion that comes from that Biblical encounter (Eph.2:8; Rom.10:13). 

          Conversion, though, is only the beginning of the Christian life, and thus we emphasize the need for everyone to continually grow by God’s grace into full maturity as presented in Jesus Christ. This grace of God, by which we are to grow, can be found in and through God's holy Sacraments, which are the means by which and through which God has promised to pour out His grace into our lives (Mrk.16:16; 1Pet.3:21; Jhn.6:54-55).