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Spiritual Formation

A Relationship with God

Spiritual Formation through the Study of God's Word

Tuesdays @ 11:30am     Sundays @ 9am

We also understand that it is one thing to come home to the Father, and another thing to have a life-changing relationship with the Father. Plenty of well-meaning believers assume that since they go to church all is well between them and God, yet the truth is their relationship with God has grown cold and distant. If we are not careful we can too easily swing from the one extreme of being wholly unrighteous, living in open rebellion, like the prodigal, to the other extreme of being wholly self-righteous, living in open denial, like the older brother. So, at St. Francis we are constantly looking for ways to work on our relationship with our father making sure our hearts are in agreement with our lips.

Some of the Studies we have offered and have enjoyed are the following: