Coming Home to Our Father

Where wounds can heal × the broken can mend × The Lost can find their way


Located in Jonesboro, GA, St. Francis is a traditional Anglican parish dedicated to the Apostles' teaching, the Fellowship, the Breaking of Bread, and the Prayers.


As an Anglican Church we seek to remain faithful to the historic Catholic and Apostolic Faith as expressed through our rich tradition and the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

We exist not just for Christians, but also for anyone who wants to find and know God. We truly believe the old saying that the Church is meant to be a "hospital for sinners, not a museum of saints." We understand that "there is no health in us" either in the church-goer or non-church goer, and we are all in need of the Great Physician. We seek to be a safe place where wounds can heal, the broken can mend, and those who have lost their way can get their bearings.



(770) 472-8888


199 N. Main St.
Jonesboro, GA 30236


Sun. 10a
Wed. 11.30a

Spiritual Formation

Sun. 9a
Tues. 11.30a

We believe it is essential for all followers of Jesus to be a part of a Christian community (Heb.10:25), because there is no such thing as "go it alone" Christianity (1Cor.12:14-19; Rom.12:4-5). So, since 1991, we have sought to come together in order to help one another experience the fullness of the Christian faith by:

  • helping each other remain rooted in prayer and worship,
  • meeting together regularly so that everyone can be nourished by God's Word and Sacraments,
  • and, encourage each other to be matured by the Holy Spirit in order to bear fruits of love and good works.

A Meal with God

Holy Communion according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Sundays @ 10am     Wednesday @ 12noon

At the center of everything we do is communion with God through the sacrifice of jesus christ and eating from it with bread and wine. WHen the prodigal came home to the father he was welcomed with open arms, cleaned from his old life, reestablished as a son, and brought in for a celebratory feast. Everyone of us at st francis at one time or another woke up to the reality that we had erred and strayed away from our father when we found ourselves alone and hurting in the far country. And all of us, like the prodigal, got up and decided to return to our father, amazed to find him waiting for us, ready to robe us in Christ's righteousness, to bring us back into the family, and to commune with us.

This is why we have communion with God at the Lord's Supper every week (twice). We have been welcomed home by our Father, cleansed by the Son, adopted by grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, and brought in to eat and celebrate as one of the family.

A Relationship with God

Spiritual Formation through the Study of God's Word

Tuesdays @ 11:30am     Sundays @ 9am

We also understand that it is one thing to come home to the Father, and another thing to have a life-changing relationship with the Father. Plenty of well-meaning believers assume that since they go to church all is well between them and God, yet the truth is their relationship with God has grown cold and distant. If we are not careful we can too easily swing from the one extreme of being wholly unrighteous, living in open rebellion, like the prodigal, to the other extreme of being wholly self-righteous, living in open denial, like the older brother. So, at St. Francis we are constantly looking for ways to work on our relationship with our father making sure our hearts are in agreement with our lips.

Some of the Studies we have offered and have enjoyed are the following: